Inter-species communication

Tremblay trem_bro at
Wed Jun 4 19:32:06 EST 1997

djuniper wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am researching a novel involving communication/ cooperation between
> different species.  For example, a raven alerting a deer that an
> intruder, such as a hunter, is nearby.  I wish to know if such
> communication has been researched, and if so where was it published?  I
> would also be very interested in any personal experiences you may have
> had in this field.
> Any help you can give me will be greatly appreaciated.
> Regards,
> David
I have owned three different dogs in my lifetime (I am only 15).  One of
which named "Nangay".  My family got her when I was about 3.  I noticed
certain quirks about her, such as her love of swimming, and the words
she recognized.  Later in my life, we got another dog named "Tucker". 
He was about four, and Nangay about 8.
	Tucker actually learnt from Nangay as time passed.  At first Tucker was
afraid of water, but watching Nangay swim, he learnt how to swim and
loves it now himself.  In a matter of a few days after aquiring Tucker,
he had learnt Nangay's entire vocabulary and most of her behavior.  It
really amazes me, because now Nangay is dead, and we have a new dog
named Sandy.  Sandy too has learnt from Tucker, not only Tucker's
quirks, but Nangay's as well.  The words and behavior that we taught
Nangay, were passed thru Tucker to Sandy, and still remain the same.
	I hope this is relevant and that it makes sense.  If you want me to
clarify anything, I'd be glad to.  Also, if it happens to be possible, I
wouldn't mind reading your research.
			Emil Tremblay

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