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Rolf Marteijn rolf at lx.student.wau.nl!!
Fri Jun 6 19:47:35 EST 1997

Hi Sebastian,

At Wageningen Agricultural University we do also have a Biotech 
curriculum (Bioprocesengineering). Since it's quite a complex 
curriculum, I'm not going to translate all of it (at WWW.WAU.NL you can 
find some info, mainly in the dutch sections).

However, recently the study went from 4 to 5 years, resulting in a 
Masters (MSc) degree. The last 1.5 years consists of two thesis projects 
(7 and 5+ months resp.) and a practical training time (usually not at 
WAU) of about 6 months.

The subject that are presented look quite similar to 'my' curriculum, 
although we have a bit more procesengineering. It seems to cover the 
field of biotechnology quite well. However, there are no thesis project 
included in your curriculum, therefore 4 years should be enough (if the 
students work efficient and hard in those 4 years). Most experience is 
however gained in doing projects, not in taking courses! (In My not so 
very Humble Opinion)

But, of course it is hard to judge a curriculum in another country (with 
a different secondary school system etc.) and without knowing the 
contents of the courses.


Rolf Marteijn

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