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Gisela Hoschek ghoschek at UCSD.EDU
Tue Jun 10 23:55:40 EST 1997

Based on my experience revising and editing research papers written in
English as a second language, I compiled a short (about 3000 words)
tutorial of English grammar specifically for biologist who may need help
with their English. It is basically a compilation of the most frequent
mistakes and the most serious ones. It is available free for the asking.
Just send me an e-mail and specify what Wordprocessing application and
computer system you use (such as MS word for Mac, MS Word for Windows,
etc.). I will then send it as attached file. If that isn't possible, I can
paste it into the body of e-mail, although that is not the best way to read
the document.

Gisela Hoschek
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