*** VOODOO SPELLS by Papa George ***

Wed Jun 11 20:28:13 EST 1997

I am a specialist in love problems - uniting and reuniting lovers. I also work on all matters of concern, such as court cases.
An open path to more $$$ if you are self employed or work on commission, etc.
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The difference between psychics and Voodoo: psychics predict and Voodoo gets results.
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A short explanation of what I do: In most cases it comes down to influencing people. To make them want what you want them to want. Everything in life comes down to influence - between God and the devil, between Burger King and McDonalds, politicians, etc.
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If this ad upsets anyone, I am sorry. But, we have freedom of speech and this is part of it, like it or not. If you have a problem with this, move to China. And remember for everyone this ad upsets, there are 10 people who want to read it.
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Call 1-800-958-6636. The best time is between 12 noon to 10 PM Central Time - daily.
God Bless!    Papa George

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