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Igor Goncharov bmgonch at DAPSAS1.WEIZMANN.AC.IL
Thu Jun 12 13:08:07 EST 1997

Hello to all contributors of this news group.
	I'm doing Ph.D. in biology in Weizmann Institute, Israel. My wife is
finishing MS in the same institute. At the moment she is looking for an
opportunity to start Ph.D. program in UK. Till now the only way she
tried is to reply to Nature's ad. All answers came with the same
message: because she is not an UK resident, she can't get a fellowship,
though several professors seemed to be interested. It was kind of
surprise for me, since in our Institute group lider interested in
student usually pays him from grants. I also don't know whether it is
acceptable in UK to contact directly with scientist of interest, without
writing to graduated school secretary.
	If someone posses any information on application process for Ph.D.
program in UK or some relevant information, please share it with us.
	In case there are scientists looking for research student, she has two
MS degrees (one in Biophysics and another in Mol.Biology) and currently
works in Apoptosis field (Cell death through FAC pathway) and has couple
nice publications.
	Any information and opinions will be highly appreciated.

	Igor Goncharov
bmgonch at  
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