brazilian trees

Tom McCloud McCloud at
Sun Jun 15 17:00:04 EST 1997

grantc at wrote:
> Anyone know the botanical names for the Brazilian trees
> commonly known as Biriba and jatai? 
Since your post has been up quite awhile without replies,   I'll give it
a try.    I do not speak Portugese, but I do have several botany books
that I purchased when I visited INPA in Manaus.   (Instituto Nacional de
Pesquisas da Amazonia -  which has a very nice herbarium, by the way.) 
By simply scanning down the columns in these books I find:

biriba'-bravo = envira bobo= Rollinia exsucca A.DC. Annonaceae

jutai-pororoca = Dailium guinenses

I wouldn't bet a penny that either is correct.   Hope someone else can
do better.   Tom McCloud         Frederick, MD

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