Little respect for doctors

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Mon Jun 16 22:15:34 EST 1997

cheetles (cheetles at wrote:
> Sheldon C.Y. Li wrote:
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> > dwyyu at wrote:
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> > > I have very little respect for doctors because they cheat money from
> > > patients, are incompetent, know nothing, and have a low moral character.
> > > Many nurses know more than family doctors, and yet doctors still
> > > continue to devour money from the public purse! It's time to stop!
> > 
> > Do we have a case of doctor bashing here?

> I only get upset when I as a tech am treated as an idiot by a doctor
> with an attitude...I would like to be treated as the professional that I
> I have noticed in my career that MANY residents are idiots.

Many PEOPLE are idiots.  What's your point?

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