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Hi!  My name is Sharon Greve

To Find out how Ancient Secrets could provide you with a home 
based (or computer based) business that WOULD change your life
forever, please read on. Otherwise, please forgive the intrusion 
and accept my sincere apologies.

* When Emperor Ming Chin Zu's sarcophagus was opened in the early 
'70's, ancient formulas for health and longevity were discovered!  
These formulas were bound in the Yellow Emperor's Book, printed in 
2880 BC. In the 1980's, a man by the name of Tom Mower obtained 
exclusive rights to some of these formulas.

* Also in the 1980's, Tom Mower discovered that almost every 
lotion, soap, shampoo/conditioner, skin care line, toothpaste, 
bubble bath, in fact, nearly everything we apply to our skin contains
HARMFUL, potentially carcinogenic ingredients.  ***ONE IN THREE 

Now that his unique and highly effective product lines are in place,
Tom Mower, President of Neways Int'l, is in a position to offer YOU:

	- A pre-momentum opportunity with a ten year old, 
	  debt-free company.
	- A company that manufacturers its own products.
	- A hybrid compensation plan that, simply, is the BEST!
	- International opportunities.
	- Company integrity as well as product integrity.
	- Complete training systems (train at home).
	- The chance to look better, feel healthier, live longer
	  AND help others achieve the same fabulous results!
	- Earning potential limited only by your own imagination!

If you would like MORE information - absolutely FREE, no obliga-
tion, simply hit reply NOW!  Thank you for your valuable time.  

	Yours in health, Sharon Greve
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