Marketing Antibiotics

Ralph Gainey sesame at MCN.ORG
Fri Jun 20 14:12:31 EST 1997

>David H. Gorski, M.D., Ph.D. wrote:

>I was unaware that antibiotics were available over-the-counter in other

The US Food and Drug Administration has jurisdiction over only the fifty
American states ... the international Drug manufacturers market their
products world-wide ... apparently in many areas there is no restriction 
on the sale and distribution, even of experimental drugs ... I suspect you
would be truly surprised at both the price differentials in the various
areas, and the black market [smuggling] in all types of medicines ... not
limited to abortifacients, opiates, anti-rejection drugs, HIV cocktails,
cancer remedies, ... and antibiotics ...

You might request a pharmaceutical price list for Mexico the next time a
detailer visits you ... a number of independent pharmacy co-ops also make
these available as a protest ...

Ralph Gainey 

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