Opinions on Aastrom/In vitro expansion of stem cells?

Thomas A. Collet tacollet at tezcat.com
Fri Jun 20 13:20:26 EST 1997

I am considering joining a company called Aastrom. They have technology
consisting of a clinical cell culture system for use in the stem cell
therapy market. They just completed a clinical study,in which bone marrow
cells grown from a small amount of material outside a patient's body (ex
vivo) retained the stem and other key immune cells needed to restore vital
tissues completely. The implication is that what is an in-patient
procedure now can be converted to a much cheaper out-patient procedure.
What are the key questions one should ask in assessing the viability of
this technology? I do have a biotech background, but have worked in a
management mode for the last four years and my science is somewhat rusty.
Where else should I post to get an answer?


P.S. Please also email me to tacollet at tezcat.com in addition to replying
to the posting!

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