Sources of antibiotic resistance (was Re: Little respect for doctors)

Gary Lum glum at
Sat Jun 21 22:57:29 EST 1997

Steven B. Harris wrote:

> >I was unaware that antibiotics were available over the counter in
> other
> >countries. I note that some very wimpy antibiotics are available over
> the
> >counter here, mainly in the form of creams or gels containing
> neosporin or
> >erythromycin, but very little else.

>    You should visit Mexico for a pharmacological education.  Of course,
> it isn't *all* other countries that are the problem here.  But many in
> South America have just about all antibiotics OTC.

...and the countires with the biggest resistance problems like Spain and
South Africa have OTC antimicrobials.  When I was in Zambia it was known
that rifampicin could be purchased "OTC" or via black market.  Thus the
need to restrict antimicrobial use to sensible indications.



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