Save up to $600,000 on Internet Access

99883486 at IX.NETCOM.COM 99883486 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Jun 22 16:00:52 EST 1997

Few months ago you request information on one of our program. 
We are happy to inform you that we made a lot of progress.
If your main email is changed please inform us.
With your help we may bring Internet Access for you for FREE and put in your bank savings of up to $600,000.

Point your browser to: 
There you will find more information on our unique programs. 

Only YOU can MAKE IT HAPPEN and there is a VALUABLE BONUS for you! 
Here are some of the topics.

*YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO A FREE INTERNET SEMINAR AT YOUR DESKTOP COMPUTER.  In it we will discuss how to "Plan, Design and Market an Effective Web Presence for Your Business." 

*Consider what you might do with the MONEY you pay for Monthly Internet Access if you were able to keep it. 
"ICTV" has been created as a way to relieve some of the financial burden for Internet users pay for Internet Access.  In the near future, the costs of access will rise.  ICTV CAN HELP! 

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