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\par                                                                   \plain\f3\fs28\cf1\b Amazing Credit Repair Secrets
\par \plain\f3\fs36\cf1\b    Guerrilla Tactics That will give You A Good Credit Rating\plain\f3\fs20\cf1  
\par \plain\f3\fs20\cf2 _________________________________________________________________________________________
\par \plain\f3\fs20\cf3 Obtaining credit can be incredibly easy or extremely difficult.  Once you have established credit, it can open doors of opportunity you never even considered being a possibility.  Credit can allow you to take the dream vacation of a lifetime, drive the car of your dream, dress in the latest fashions, achieve the American dream of own home, or starting your own business.
\par It is a very traumatic experience when people find out something is wrong with their credit.  Millions of people have been, and will continue to be notified they now have bad credit.  Many don't seem to understand how it all came about!  What they do know, however, is that all of a sudden they aren't as well-off as someone who still has their good credit.
\par The fact is, now that society has quickly shifted into the fast lane of becoming a cashless society, it would be almost unthinkable not to have credit.  People who have the misfortune of losing their good credit rating in today's world, will most certainly immediately begin to feel like social outcasts.
\par Without good credit, people soon realize it's difficult just to keep up with the basic, everyday items that are required.  Unless a person knows how to inprove, increase and repair their credit, they will have to overcome numerous hurdles.
\par Most people don't have the foggiest idea of where to begin.  But with \plain\f3\fs20\cf3\b\i Credit Restore\plain\f3\fs20\cf3  you will learn quickly how to improve and repair your good credit starting Today!
\par \plain\f3\fs28\cf2 Index includes....
\par \plain\f3\fs24\cf2\i Guerrilla Tactics For a Good Credit Rating
\par Establis AAA Credit In 30 Days
\par The Lure of Bankruptcy
\par Bookkeeping For Dummies
\par Secrets Of Rich People
\par Get Any Credit Card You Want
\par Stopping Collection Agencies In Their Footsteps
\par If Someone Owes You Money
\par Your Consumer Rights
\par The Free Credit Card Trap
\par How To Get Free Rent
\par Money Guide To Gov't Grants
\par How Pawn Shops Work
\par Improving Your Credit By Paying Bills Later
\par Signature Loans
\par Wiping Out Debt Without Bankruptcy
\par Winning The Credit Card Game
\par How To Get An $800 Interest Free Loan By Mail
\par \plain\f3\fs20\cf3 This entire package sold by other companies can cost between $50-$200.  Don't be taken for a ride and make some companies pockets fatter, I sell this exact package for only \plain\f3\fs28\cf3\b $25.00 \plain\f3\fs20\cf3 Shipping and handling included.
\par \plain\f3\fs28\cf3\b\i 
\par 1405 SAUNDERS WAY
\par GLEN BURNIE, MD 21061
\par EMAIL: ctthomas at\plain\f3\fs24\cf2\i  \plain\f3\fs20\cf3        \plain\f3\fs20 
\par }

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