Sources of antibiotic resistance (was Re: Little respect for doctors)

Ken Robertson robbo at
Mon Jun 23 17:54:44 EST 1997

Found the similar situation in Viet Nam a few years back with _you name it_ 
antibiotics available at not just OTC pharmacies but also at less auspicious 
market pharmacies. Appeared to be the real thing but prices were very much 
cheaper than in Australia.
Anecdotally (?sp): A family member working in Hong Kong was quite surprised 
when he mentioned to friends that he was taking his child to a doctor 
because of an URTI. Was advised by the longer-stay ex-pats that you just 
went to the local supermarket and got them off the shelf. _Cheaper_ than a 
doctor. At the same time they were selling Zantac for about AUD$2/month 
supply while I was paying something like $15 in Oz and that was allegedly 
Regards all, Ken

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