Opinions requested - O2 in molecular graphics

Stuart Priest priest at yorvic.york.ac.uk
Thu Jun 26 05:32:02 EST 1997

Robert Tan wrote:
> I would like your opinion on the Silicon Graphics entry level workstation
> - O2 R10000SC System. There is no mention of the graphics subsystem, so
> where does it stand in relation to SI, SSI and MXI? Does anyone with
> practical experience of these system have a feel for the relative speeds
> in molecular graphics.
> Also I have an Indigo-2/Extreme on which I am running Sybyl and Quanta.
> Again does anyone have any practical experience to compare these
> applications running on a Indigo-2/Extreme with the O2 R10000SC and with
> SI and SSI systems?
> Thanks. Email replies will be very much appreciated.
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> Robert K.-Z. Tan -- E-mail: tan at neptune.cmc.uab.edu -- Phone: (205)934-0580

You can build your own very easily from

You need to consider what kind of graphics you want to do.  If you want
to do lots of nice textured molecular surfaces, then you should get an
Indigo^2 or Octane with maximum impact graphics.  However, if you will
be just doing electron density fitting then an O2 will be fine (and
alright for abit of texture work).

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