extraneous posts

Jay Miller jhmiller at helix.nih.gov
Fri Jun 27 07:01:25 EST 1997

There are several solutions.  One is to make this a moderated group, then someone will
get rid of the non relevant postings.  Another solution is to use a newsreader which
permits filters.  The nice thing about newsgroup junk mail over the hard copy stuff is
that relief is just a delete key away, faster than tossing that letter in the garbage!

In <199706270609.XAA07733 at dns1.mcn.org>, sesame at MCN.ORG (Ralph Gainey) writes:
>Fellow list members,
>Maybe I'm over the hill ... or just bored with all ... but I am,
>after being rather patient I think, finally at the point of 
>un-subing from those lists which are open to posts which I reject
>out-of-hand ... now, don't get me wrong ... I'm not a prude, by
>any means ... and rather protective of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, 
>actually ... but today's SUPREME COURT RULING makes me the doorkeeper
>of my internet mailbox ... and rather than be bothered further with
>offers of color pics of H. sapiens pursuing reproductive [and other]
>behavior I choose to relieve myself [no pun intended] of the
>nuisance ... even at the cost of missing what to me are significant
>sources of information ... the distressing thing is that even when I
>browse the archives, the extraneous posts have found permanent residence
>there ... 
>Now, is there room for improvement, or not?
>I'll give it one more week, at most ...
>Ralph Gainey

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