Controlling Spam

Arthur E. Sowers arthures at
Fri Jun 27 21:04:54 EST 1997

I sometimes look over on bionet.general to see what is happening. I am
most of the time on and we don't get a lot of spam
there (in my opinion) although it is unmoderated. Since there are a fair
number of biologists on src, I'm taking the liberty of sharing this
announcement, via cross post, in case they ought to know about the changes
here on b.g

Art Sowers
=== no change to below, included for reference and context ====

On 27 Jun 1997, BIOSCI Administrator wrote:

> Stanford University Libraries took over management of the Biosci
> usenet groups on the weekend of June 6.  Since then we have been
> working out the operational and administrative details that accompany
> the change in management and the physical location of the hardware. In
> the very near future we are planning to consult with users in the
> Biosci community about what additional services and features would be
> valuable to them.  At this time, however, I want to let the Biosci
> community know that we are working full time to stop the flood of
> obscene and commercial spam into our unmoderated groups. 
> One solution is to transform unmoderated groups into moderated groups.
> At the moment, we have a backlog of unmoderated groups which have
> sufficient volunteer energy to make this a viable option; for these
> groups, we will immediately start down the path of changing them into
> moderated groups.  
> In addition, we are also looking for more automatic and more efficient
> techniques for keeping spam out of our newsgroups. Since the spam
> problem is not unique to the biosci usenet group, we are consulting
> with other usenet administrators about solutions which are technically
> sound as well as consistent with the usenet philosophy and the
> scientific purposes of our forums.  I welcome your suggestions.
> In the meantime, I hope you will bear with us as we try to deal with
> this problem.
> Serge Taylor
> BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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