Magnetic Effects

Adam Reed arreed at
Sat Mar 1 00:49:30 EST 1997

I am sorry for the confusion.  I did not mean to imply that MRI "gave off"
gamma radiation.  The information that I have collected in my research
shows that when the magnetic field is applied to the body it will cause the
water molecules in the body to reach an excited state.  This excited state
will cause the water molecules to all face the same direction.  The
positive and negative poles of the water molecule will align themselves
with the magnetic field of the MRI.  When the magnetic field is turned off,
the water molecules will return to the relaxed state, resulting in the
production of gamma radiation.  The body is the source of the gamma

Adam Reed, D.C.

> Crandall wrote:
> > 
> > Adam Reed wrote:
> > >
> > > There does seem to so question as to the effect of magnetic imaging. 
> > > try and get an MRI on a pregnant women.  All the MRI facilities in my
> > > refuse to do one on a pregnant patient and the reason that was given
> > > that "they do not know the long term effects of the MRI."  There
seems to
> > > be a question as to gamma radiation being produced from the patient
> > > an MRI.
> > >
> > > Adam G. Reed, D.C

> In MRI You dont have any gamma-ray exposure. You have a strong magnetic 
> field and gradients of magnetic field and high-frequency electro-magntic 
> fields. If anyone knows more details about this topic, please let me 
> know. 
> yours christian ammon

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