Quick Query: Synthetic meiosis from DNA, relating to fertility where a man has no testicles.

Sara sara at cognit.com
Mon Mar 3 16:47:30 EST 1997

Before I share the actual post, I would like to get a few things taken
care of.  Sorry in advance for the crosspost, but as I have not posted
in these groups or relating to this matter, I could not decide which
group(s) to include.  If someone feels this is not the group where
this should be posted, or if they wish to suggest a better group,
please feel free to email me.  Next I would like to address the fact
that I am not a biologist.  I have a scientific background, and some
biology, but my understanding of certain biological concepts is far
from perfect, or current.  Keeping this in mind, please read on.

Subject: The status of biology relating to synthetic meiosis from DNA.

What I am looking for is someone with a lot of knowledge about current
genetics, and biology to answer the following for me.  I am in a
relationship with a man whose child I desire to have.  The problem is
that he had a accident during youth resulting in the loss of his
testicles.  I am looking for a way to have his child anyway.    The
only thing I could come up with is some type of artificial meiosis
from his DNA, to produce the genetic information needed to replace the
genetic information in a donor sperm, which could then be implanted in
the egg resulting in fertilization.  Since I have a limited amount of
information on this subject, I would appreciate any bits you can give
me relating to this subject.  Can science already do this? If not then
what piece is missing?  Etc.  Or perhaps we can start a conversation
on this subject.  I believe this could help a lot of people out there.

Thanks for reading..

Sara Eve Posner

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