Essential Oil vs. penicillin

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>Dr. Sue Zhao has been conducting research at the Weber State University in Ogden Utah on Essential Oils vs penicillin and
>Ampicillin.  It is showing that 1 drop of essential oil is like 10 units of penicillin before it starts to work.  Plus the
>essential oils keep on benefiting the body when the drugs stop.  Only 100% pure therapeutic essential oil has all the
>properties to work on viruses.  Esential Oils are anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-septic.

>For more information about all the oils available from Young Living Essential Oils, and for a free informative tape
>about the oils, please contact Chris Anderson at 1 800 469 1089.  You owe it to yourself to
>at least find out why the oils work.  Don't you?

If I remember my biology, antibiosis is the supression of one organism by 
another without their existing in a predator/prey relationship. In other words 
the pennicillium mould produces pennicillin to suppress bacteria, but it 
doesn't need to kill bacteria to live, it would prefer to be left in peace. 
Specific antibacterial substances produced by fungi or certain bacteria (or 
semisynthetic substances based on same) are called antibiotics.

Essential oils (or components of essential oils) are the same thing only 
produced by plants. Certainly some of them have a future as pharmaceuticals, 
but if they are used in the same way as antibiotics then they will develop 
the same problems (side-effects, resistant strains etc).

If you use it as a drug, it is a drug.

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