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> >From reading Mr. Schwartz's reply, I am assuming that he works in some type
> >of public relations position.  It is easy to see that he is educated, he
> >uses 5 letter words not four.
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> >The information that I gathered about the Gamma radiation being produced
> >from the body during a MRI came from consultation with Dr. Emanuel Kanal,
> >Associate Professor Department of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh
> >Medical Center.  He does have a website at
> >
> >He does agree that gamma radiation is given off from the body and that
> >there is a slight increase in the core temperature in the body of the
> >patient as a result of the MRI.  He does not feel the there is sufficient
> >amount of gamma radiation production to be of any harm however, none the
> >less, there is gamma radiation production.
> I will bet you never actually consulted with Dr Kanal. You've obviously just
> read his web page and you're so utterly thick that you didn't understand it.
> He does NOT agree that gamma radiation will be given off as only a complete
> imbecile would believe such complete tosh.
> What he says is that protons relaxing back to the ground state after
> excitation would emit radiation which would be proprtional in energy to the
> magnetogyric ratio which is given the symbol gamma.
> He actually says..."This energy would be in the radiofrequency range and is
> nonionizing". If you knew anything at all you'd know that this means the
> radiation is not the same as gamma radiation.
> You are a complete prat and a liar. You did not consult with Dr Kanal and
> I'm sure he'd be nonpleased to find that some dickhead had been spouting
> bollocks under his name. Indeed it might even be enough for him to consider
> sueing somebody who'd do such a thing. After all, anybody who'd read your
> message above would assume that Dr Kanal was as stupid as you are.
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It would appear that industrial chemists are less forgiving than
academic chemists.
We work for a living.  Rhetoric, dialectic, and critique won't disappear
1000 kg of the wrong stuff exiting a pilot plant.

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