From sheep to Human?

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Wed Mar 5 11:21:53 EST 1997

taguebw at wrote: 
> Susan Hogarth wrote:
> > taguebw at wrote:
> > > > > >john wrote:
> > > > > > Out of interest would it be possible for a woman to give birth to a clone
> > > > > > of herself.  If a nucleus from a cell was transferred to one of her eggs
> > > > > > and this was allowed to develop before being implanted in the normal way,
> > > > > > she could then give birth to herself!

> > > > > >Susan wrote;
> > > > > >Yes, and then men would be truly superfluous!

> > > Since when is sexism funny?

> > ... lighten up, eh?

> First, my apologies for what has become at off-topic post.
> Second, no my comment was not a joke. I want you to consider what
> would happen if a male had posted a similar comment about women being
> superfluous. He would be hung out to dry. If sexism is bad to practice
> it is bad for anybody to practice....

Well, this is where we differ. I didn't see my 'joke" as sexist...
perhaps the use of the word "men" is what confused you? I was simply
pointing out one of the absurd possibilities inherent in cloning... are
science-fiction writers who have made the same sorts of speculation also
"sexist"? It's true, though, that the use of the phrase "_truly_
superfluous" was gratuitous and can be seen as sexist... so I guess I
will offer an humble apology. It should have been: "Yes, and then men
would be superfluous!"... I'm afraid that's just not as funny, though...
<sigh> I guess fat jokes are out, too?? Jewish jokes?? Blonde jokes??


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