Quick Query: Synthetic meiosis from DNA, relating to fertility where a man has no testicles.

Mazda Hewitt Mazda.Hewitt at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Mar 5 10:58:16 EST 1997

Sara wrote:


> I am in a relationship with a man whose child I desire to have.  
> The problem is that he had a accident during youth resulting in the
> loss of his testicles.
> I am looking for a way to have his child anyway.    The
> only thing I could come up with is some type of artificial meiosis
> from his DNA, to produce the genetic information needed to replace the
> genetic information in a donor sperm, which could then be implanted in
> the egg resulting in fertilization.  

Not possible really.  Many, many things happen during meosis and sperm
fromation.  The methylation of DNA is changes and the number of
chromosomes is reduced.  Many of the things that happen are not fully
under stood as yet so any artificial meiosis is not possible.  In most
western countrys this kind of research in humans is illegal any way.  If
I was going to play with his DNA I could easily add things to his

The only suggestion I have is: You could clone him and bare his clone as
your child. This has just been done in sheep See:


Though this would be illegal too.


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