respiratory systems in invertebrates

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Thu Mar 6 17:57:08 EST 1997

If you have a college, junior college, or university near you, you
want to find in their library a good basic zoology textbook.  Freshman
textbooks dating before approximately 1970 had a lot of this, and
upper class zoology textbooks contain this information.  A museum or
nature center, or the people who work there, might also have such a
raekaden at, Kate & Rachel Jarvis ) wrote:

>I am conducting a research project for my high school biology class on
>respiratory systems.  As of yet, I have not been able to find
>information on the following:  hydra, jellyfish, tapeworm, ascoris,
>octopus, earthworm, leach, crab, starfish and sandollar.  Can anyone
>help me out with specific information on respiratory systems for these
>or direct me to some resources?  Thanks in advance for your help.


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check out Cell Death Soc web page:

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