lamb cloning paper on Nature

jingbo du jingbo-du at
Thu Mar 6 23:25:43 EST 1997

uhmm, i'm not sure, but i think that panel b and c in figure 1 of the
nature sheep cloning paper are identical.

actually, me and a couple of others have looked at the photos for hours
and hours, and we really can't detect any noticeable differences.

Now, are the photos identical (ie the same photo) or are these two cell
types miracously determined to grow in a specific pattern?

I'm not sure, but i've never heard of such a thing.  I wonder if panel a
is really what they say it is or is it a blow up of another field of the
only cells they actually have a picture of.

i must be really, really stupid, although i read nature, i have never
actually published in the auspicious journal.

i am just so confused.

somebody, anybody please please please help me.

i have a nice picture of another cell line that i can send with multiple
view points and magnifications.

maybe science is looking.

confused and concerned students at Northwestern University

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