Clinton vs human cloning : Pres ignores self-ownership

Leroy R Sachleben Jr lrsachz1 at
Fri Mar 7 08:41:32 EST 1997

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>>       Clinton and those he seeks to appease on the statist Left & Right
>> ignore the simple human fact of self-ownership. If human beings do
>> have the right to clone themselves they do not have the right to
>> reproduce in any form without government consent. The level of
>> techonology is irrelevant to the simple fact that humans have the
>> right to dispose of their own tissue in any way they see fit. The
>> alternative is state-ownership of human beings. This is
>> both ethically and scientifically.

There is no right to clone. The right to reproduce is separate from the right 
to clone. At any rate, I would argue that a clone would be its own person. At 
that point, your arguement of self ownership goes south.

Roy Sachleben
University of Louisville-Biochemistry

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