From sheep to Human?

Stephanie Quek delphi79 at
Sat Mar 8 13:12:42 EST 1997

Jerome Freed wrote:
> Previous stuff:
> >john wrote:
> >
> > Out of interest would it be possible for a woman to give birth to a clone
> > of herself.  If a nucleus from a cell was transferred to one of her eggs
> > and this was allowed to develop before being implanted in the normal way,
> > she could then give birth to herself!
> >Susan wrote;
> >Yes, and then men would be truly superfluous!
> No, Susan, she would give birth to a baby.  It would not be herself
> unless she, too, had been born yesterday.
> Jerry Freed
I agree .. Susan will give birth to someone who ooks like her
but is not an EXACT duplicate of her..
Reasearch shows that the personality of the cloned person will have to
depend on the environment she grow up in.

Do u think by Cloning Prsident Bill Clinton, u have ensre a supply of
capabable leader????


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