Expedition into Central Asia in April, May

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Sat Mar 8 13:45:04 EST 1997

From: biodivers at glas.apc.org (   )
Subject:  Expedition into Central Asia in April, May

  We plan entomological expedition from April 18 to May 22,
1997 (possibly in 1998 as well) in Southern Kirgizia (Middle
Asia:  Tyan'-Shan' Mountains: Ferganskiy Range, Fergana Valley).
  In this time: successive flowering spring wildflowers, pistachio,
apple and walnut forests, subalpine meadows.
  There are still space in the car and we invite to participate all
interested (no need to be entomologist).

  Please contact me:  biodivers at glasnet.ru  with Subj: for Pushkaryov
for more information.
  If you know where else this announce will be of interest, please
tell me.

Sergei Pushkaryov,
Dept. of Biogeography
of Institute of Geography
of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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