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> Stephanie Quek wrote:
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> > What do u think of genetic engineering???
> > Is it moraL or not?? WHY???
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> > Please reply
> the ethics of genetici engineering is very complex.  If one allows the
> possibility of it at all - which I happen to wher do you then draw lines
> - to what extent can you manipulate the DNA of animals ?  What about
> humans ?  Is gene therapy in humans OK ? Is there a reason to
> distinguish between therapeutic and non-therapeutic ends - that is, is
> it OK to work towards helping provide a therapy for cystic fibrosis and
> not right to manipulate genes to produce greater linguistic ability or
> blue eyes ? These and many more questions...
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ACtually i think that i will take the stand of GE is not immoral.
In medical fields, GE is used to produced insulin to cure people with
diebetes. GE is also used in Industry to breed plants and make breeding
programmes more effective. EG the breeders can chose specific genes and
incorporate them into the plants which results in the traits they want
and thus improve the species. Using GE is faster and more accurate than
using traditional cross breeding methods.

GE will will prevent the extinction of animals by cloning.
Recently in Newspapers, a kind of rare pigs has been cloned.
If people thinks that cloning is going against the uniqueness of living
things then they r not  right. Cloning does not make another U.. It just
make someone who looks like U.. The personalities of the two will differ
according to the environment they lived in.
Do u think by cloning President Bill Clinton, there will be a supply of
abled leaders?? the answer is NO!..
If the cloned Bill Clinton did not go through presures and danger, do u
think that he is able to lead??(if twins is possible, then y not
cloning?) But on the other hand, cloning depends on the decision of an
individual..Some pple may not want to have another "themself" walking
aroung the place..

GE is a field of study which improves the living condition. If it is not
absused, there should be any problem..
Surveys indicates that although many AMericans r concerned about 
the rick and the rish of the  technology,
MAny believes that the expected benefits of science and genetic
Engeering are sufficient to outweight the risks.

WELL, do u think my points is valid???

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