From sheep to Human?

BJR browland at
Sat Mar 8 21:31:08 EST 1997

>I agree .. Susan will give birth to someone who ooks like her
>but is not an EXACT duplicate of her..
>Reasearch shows that the personality of the cloned person will have to
>depend on the environment she grow up in.
>Do u think by Cloning Prsident Bill Clinton, u have ensre a supply of
>capabable leader????

The cloned individual is genetically 100% identical to the source of the
nucleus (this has been the mother, but could potentially be anyone).
However, it is true that the environment, parents, etc. play a part in the
development of the child. So if, for instance, President Clinton were
cloned, the resulting clone would be genetically identical to him, but the
clone might grow up in, say, France, and would learn the French culture and
language. (This would be a very interesting way to study the way the brain


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