Quick Query: Synthetic meiosis from DNA, relating to fertility where a man has no testicles.

BJR browland at knox.edu
Sun Mar 9 05:06:09 EST 1997

>What I am looking for is someone with a lot of knowledge about current
>genetics, and biology to answer the following for me.  I am in a
>relationship with a man whose child I desire to have.  The problem is
>that he had a accident during youth resulting in the loss of his
>testicles.  I am looking for a way to have his child anyway.    The
>only thing I could come up with is some type of artificial meiosis
>from his DNA, to produce the genetic information needed to replace the
>genetic information in a donor sperm, which could then be implanted in
>the egg resulting in fertilization.  Since I have a limited amount of
>information on this subject, I would appreciate any bits you can give
>me relating to this subject.  Can science already do this? If not then
>what piece is missing?  Etc.  Or perhaps we can start a conversation
>on this subject.  I believe this could help a lot of people out there.

Hmmm... tough subject. I don't really know enough about "artificial
meiosis" to be able to tell you if this is feasible or not, although I am
very doubtful.

The question I would pose to you, however, is this: why not adopt?


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