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Have you ever heard: "There is not knowledge that is not power"...Then,
wherever you're living, you can get news as regards advanced researches on
healing field.
So, intended to improve the mentioned power, we built an interactive place
where Education for Health do be a currently important people's life

Take a look:  click here------------>>>  "" 

You will discover how questions meet answers, the technology talks to
reality, Medical eminences can give a simple word to a kid and children
draw their thoughts beyond public Health Care system and its always empty
As Argentine journalists, we need your collaboration because you are the
only source for our next special reports.
Go ahead!!!!. Do you know what a "vinchuca" is?. Have you ever seen a
"chagoma"?. Do you believe that poverty is the main Tuberculosis ally and
deaths have increased in the '90s?.
What about AIDS, do you vote for drugs or vaccines?. Is the world prepared
to treat 240 millons of diabetics next 2010?....
If you have just made your mind, you are welcome to HEALTHIG Consultora
Periodistica website....Remember it:


See you then.!!!!!!!    

                      HEALTHIG Consultora Periodistica
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