From sheep to Human?

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Sun Mar 9 20:48:44 EST 1997

BJR wrote:

> The cloned individual is genetically 100% identical to the source of the
> nucleus (this has been the mother, but could potentially be anyone).

What do you mean by "mother"? The _genetic_ concept of "mother" is not
applicable to cloning. Do you mean the birth-mother? I thought the lamb
Dolly was brought to term in the uterus of another sheep, not the donor.
Or do you mean the nucleus-donor? In the first case your statement would
be simply wrong; in the second it would be (at best) a logical

Also, not to be *too* nit-picky, but the clone will have the
mitochondrial genotype of the egg-donor (which may well be its
nucleus-donor, I suppose).


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