Pinnipeds or Carnivores? Help!

Ilya G. Meschersky hedgehog at
Mon Mar 10 14:50:33 EST 1997

The taxonomic status of Pinnipeds (Pinnipedia) is unclear. The group is 
regarded as an independent order or as a suborder of Carnivores 
(Carnivora) order in papers of different authors and in different years.
 Could someone tell me: which of the two viewpoints is accepted by the 
most of zoologists (and/or is  "formally accepted" to be "right") at 
present? I also would be very appreciate for 1-2 "main" references. 
 I need to know it for my popular lecture.
 As I don't have a permanent access to newsserver, please, answer to 
private mail.
 Thanks in advance. Ilya Meschersky <hedgehog at>

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