Supreme Court starts internet censorship case on 3/19/97 !

Marcus exofdr at MNSINC.COM
Tue Mar 11 07:43:14 EST 1997

At 20:52 3/9/97 GMT, Howard Olson wrote a message telling everyone that the
US Supreme Court will    " start deliberations on the "Communications
Decency Act" (CDA) that would lead to widespread internet censorship and
violate the 1st Amendment if approved."

What Howard does not say in his email is that the CDA was overturned last
summer by the Court of Appeals as being unconstitutional.  The US Supreme
Court is hearing an appeal of this ruling.  The Court of Appeals wrote a
strong argument supporting their position on why CDA was unconstitutional.
While it is possible for the US Supreme Court to overturn the Court of
Appeals ruling, it is doubful it will.  An excellent article was published
by the magazine "Wired" which better describes the ruling and gives web
sites to read the ruling.

The CDA was the US Congress's attemp to placate the electoriate.  Rather
than Americans imposing self discipline, they look to Washington to solve
"their problems".  As a resident of the capital city, I can tell you that I
would rather work at solving my own problems than letting someone else do
it for me.  The concern over CDA was driven by pornography on the internet
and children's access to it.  If parents practiced control over their
children's activities rather than looking to Washington to fix it for them,
CDA would not have become an issue.

Americans need to become less reliant on government to solve problems that
are better solved by parents, families and communities.  Americans will
loose their precious freedom, not all at once but one small bit at a time.
The CDA was an attempt at taking a small bit.

The opinions expressed are mine and you can either agree or disagree but
the can'tbe ignored !

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