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Expedition Leaders with extensive management and diving experience are
required to oversee the daily operation of the CCC expedition sites in
Belize, Indonesia, Philippines. Key qualities we are looking for are
the ability to lead by example, strong powers of motivation,
organisation and budgeting.

Science Officers :
Marine Biologists with extensive tropical marine experience to oversee
the CCC survey programme in Belize, Indonesia, Philippines.
Responsibilities include conducting the science training programme for
CCC volunteers and host country counter parts, planning and managing
the survey programme, supervision of data recording and entry into
computerised database, representing CCC at coastal zone management
conferences and meetings.

Scuba Instructors :
SCUBA instructors are required to assist with the provision of SCUBA
training for host country counterparts and CCC volunteers wishing to
undertake basic open water and advanced training. Instructors should
hold PADI Open Water Instructor and Medic First Aid Instructor
certification and must be sympathetic to the overall objectives of CCC
scientific, educational and training programmes.

Medical Officers (MO) :
Doctors and nurses with paramedic training and diving experience are
required to join expeditions in the role of MO. Responsibilities
include provision of first aid treatment to CCC volunteers and host
country counterparts, planning and enacting emergency evacuation
procedures, maintenance and restocking of CCC medical facilities

Equipment Officers :
Enthusiastic mechanics with extensive experience of maintaining SCUBA
related equipment, 2 stroke marine engines, compressors, generators,
boat maintenance are required to assist in country technical
supervisors with daily maintenance of CCC equipment

All CCC expedition staff positions are unpaid and expedition staff are
asked to contribute toward their expedition costs.

Send a CV to CCC outlines previous experience. Interviews will be

Providing resources for protection and sustainable use of coastal
habitats to benefit the environment and peoples who depend upon it.
Projects in Belize, Philippines and Indonesia for scuba divers, marine

More information may be obtained from :

Contact: Sam Flint
Phone: +44(0)171 498 6248
Fax: +44(0)171 498 8447
ccclondon at
Coral Cay Conservation
154, Clapham Park Road

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