Wanted: list of bio jobs available

Dave Jensen davej at sedona.net
Tue Mar 11 10:50:50 EST 1997

In article <332563EA.617B at ecsu.ctstateu.edu>, adams at ecsu.ctstateu.edu wrote:

>I am looking for a comprehensive list of jobs that students with a BS/BA
>in Biology could consider looking at. Ideally the list might include
>information on qualifications needed, how many openings are likely and
>some ballpark figures foe starting salary.
>If anyone knows of such a list, I would be very grateful for a copy.
>Many thanks
>Mike Adams

Mike, I know that people who would have this information frequent the
newsgroup Bio Online Career Discussion Forum, at

You may want to post your question there or scan the hundreds of posts at
that site for the information you seek.

Good luck,

Dave Jensen, Moderator, Bio Online Career Discussion Forum

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