Minerals and how great they really are?

Michael Batchelder michael at saturn.caps.maine.edu
Tue Mar 11 22:05:56 EST 1997

I have a question here for any and all to answer.  I recently was talking to a 
friend who told me about how important minerals are to the body, and that 
taking trace mineral suppliments can prolong life.  This person, who found her 
knowledge in a book, said that due to the over-used soil, we don't get as much 
minerals as we can use, and that some asians (where there is mineral-rich 
soil) have been shown to live as long as 140 to 160 years.  Now, sure this 
sounds completely odd, but the logic of the process works.  Not to say you can 
live to 160... that *is* stretching it.  

I am extremely interested in this, if not for my immortality, then at least 
for my bursting curiousity.  I welcome any and all opinions that any of you 
wish to send in my direction.  my email is: michael at saturn.caps.maine.edu
Thanks all

michael batchelder

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