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J P Diesch cvsjpd at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Mar 11 07:37:36 EST 1997



	Two research studentships available september/october 1997

	Funding at (MRC rates) available for suitable applicant who is expected
 	to obtain appropriate first class honours degree.
	Second funding: To be applied for.

	PROJECT 1: Blood pressure control in humans with fainting attacks.
	Supervisor: Professor R. Hainsworth

 In our hospital laboratory we are carrying out about 200 investigations each
 year on patients who have attacks of unexplained fainting. We measure their
 blood volumes, tolerance to orthostatic stress (head-up tilting and lower-
 body suction) and baroreceptor stimulation. The main emphasis of the new 
 project will be to develop new methods for stimulation of baroreceptors and
 to determine reflex responses in patients and compare them with those in
 control volunteers.

	PROJECT 2: Reflex responses to stimulation of left ventricular 
	Supervisors: Dr M.J. Drinkhill and Professor R. Hainsworth.

 We have recently obtained an MRC grant to allow us to determine the cardio-
 vascular reflex responses to changes in pressuree in the left ventricle.
 Complex perfusion techniques will allow changes in pressure to be applied to
 the left ventricle, with stimuli to other reflexogenic areas controlled.
 We also propose to simulate changes that occur in heart disease to allow us
 to determine whether changes in pressure in the ventricle have an important
 role in cardiovascular control.

	Anyone who is seriously interested in applying for either of these
	positions should reply VIA EMAIL ONLY, or alternatively contact
 	Prof. Hainsworth by phone on: +44 (0)113 233 4820
                        or by fax on: +44 (0)113 233 4803

    Jonathan Diesch
    cvsjpd at leeds.ac.uk
    Institute for Cardiovascular Research
    University of Leeds
    LS2 9JT

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