Clinton vs human cloning : Pres ignores self-ownership

Steven A Vere svere at
Wed Mar 12 13:20:44 EST 1997

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>My Cross wrote:
>>Like what?  What are the potential negative issues?
>Do you really want someone else wearing your clothes and using your

   A clone of an adult human will be at least 20 years younger than the
original.  The clone-twin will have unique fingerprints from the
original.  Using someone else's charge card without their permission is
already a crime.  With a 20+ year age difference, at any given time
your clone-twin is likely to have a different taste in clothes.  The
donation of DNA  for the creation of a clone should by law take place
only with the approval of the DNA donor.  If you don't want to be
cloned, you won't be.  
   If Clint Eastwood, Michael Jordan, Sophia Loren, Cindy Crawford,
Jonas Salk, or my uncle Max decide they want to be cloned and a woman
volunteers to gestate, give birth to, and raise the child, I think
society should allow this to take place.  The United States is
supposedly a free country.  What harm is there to society if these
people are cloned?

Steven Vere

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