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267 Fifth Avenue
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New York,  NY  10016


Attention Mr. / Ms. President:

We have mailing lists in your exact field ... for Mexico, Central and South
America, Japan / Asia, Eastern / Western Europe, China, Australia, Africa,
and the Middle East... Contact Name,  Phone, Fax Numers Included!

..........FOR .....English Speaking ........

1.  Bilingual sales reps... currently seeking to represent American companies.

2.  Bilingual distributors ... currently importing from American companies.

3.  Bilingual end users ... currently  importing from American Companies.

4.  Bilingual agents ... currently arranging private labeling, subcontracting, 
	contracting work, and negotiating licensing arrangements for
	American Companies.

5. Bilingual job seekers ... currently seeking to work for American companies
	in foreigh countries.

6.  Bilingual suppliers of raw materials and compontents... currently selling America.

7.  Bilingual buyes of close-outs, surplus, overruns, seconds ... currently buying from
	American companies.

8.  Bilingual joint marketing partners ... currently seeking American partners.

9.  Bilingual foreigners seeking to buy all or part of your business, act as 	
	silent of active partners.

10.  Bilingual foreigners who will supply finance for your business.

11.  Bilingual foreigners with new products for your busienss to sell.

Each mailing list has approximately 250 to 400 names.  Each mailing list costs $72.00

Scott Allen Sales ... Ask for Irene Nathan ...  212-213-2040 ... Imports Fine!

Buyers Pay Cash in Advance or Letter of Credit ... You do not give credit!

"Most of us will have to sell the export market to survive and EXPAND."

You'll find we know the right people to do it with!

You'll find the window of opportunity is open right now in the Foreign Market.


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