Clinton vs human cloning : Pres ignores self-ownership

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Mon Mar 10 16:03:35 EST 1997

Mark Doherty (Mdoherty at wrote:
: In article <AF432A06-4414D9 at>, swstark at wrote:
: > Will they try to have their brains moved to a younger copy of
: > themselves in an attempt to avoid death?
: > What if I see a guy that I would rather look like, so I make an
: > agreement with him to buy his clone so my brain can be moved
: Even if he *was* a good tissue match, would you be prepared to wait several
: decades until he matured enough so that the body was big enough to house
: your brain?

Might I just comment that last time I checked, the only successful brain
transplants ever performed were in works of fiction.  You're talking about
cutting a brain out of one body and then attatching it to the various
nerves of another (spinal cord, optic nerves, etc, etc, etc)...  Well,
given current technology, it's pretty darn unlikely.

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