Big John re: Your Choice of Words

Ralph Gainey sesame at MCN.ORG
Thu Mar 13 20:32:07 EST 1997

You wrote...
>Hey Ralphy
>	... I'm just a high school kid... looking for some
>damn information... so XXXX XXX

Well, one hopes you are not typical...sounds like you could use some

Being "just a high school kid" does not relieve you of responsibility for
your here's a poke in the nose to you >****

Take time to reflect that your post appears in many places...and is probably
archived for the rest of your be retrieved by anyone who is
interested in who and what you are...

With warm regards,

PS. I'm forwarding your reply to server for their
comments...and copying you in...stay tuned...
Briskly, Algernon...but with a soft tread...for yon sleep the Men of
Reason...if they espy one with compassion and understanding, all our
forgiveness will not prevail against the shame, ridicule and abuse they will
heap upon us in defense of their territory...they are hard of heart, and
notoriously cruel...

                                  taken from Travels Among The Intellecti
                                    by Aloyisius, scion of Humanitas and 
                                       founder of the benevolent order

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