Minerals and how great they really are?

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> I have a question here for any and all to answer.  I recently was
talking to a 
> friend who told me about how important minerals are to the body, and that 
> taking trace mineral suppliments can prolong life.  This person, who
found her 
> knowledge in a book, said that due to the over-used soil, we don't get
as much 
> minerals as we can use, and that some asians (where there is mineral-rich 
> soil) have been shown to live as long as 140 to 160 years.  Now, sure this 
> sounds completely odd, but the logic of the process works.  Not to say
you can 
> live to 160... that *is* stretching it.  
> I am extremely interested in this, if not for my immortality, then at least 
> for my bursting curiousity.  I welcome any and all opinions that any of you 
> wish to send in my direction.  my email is: michael at saturn.caps.maine.edu
> Thanks all
> michael batchelder

We must distinuish between 'minerals' (rocks and stuff) and 'elements'
(the things that go into them). Many trace elements are valuable for life.
No-one has demonstrated a human need for rock in the diet.

And the oldest documented human being is 121, and she is French.

William Bains

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