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Jan Marten de Jong j.m.dejong at
Mon Mar 17 09:06:15 EST 1997


My name is Jan Marten de Jong. I'm a student of the university of Twente
(netherlands) and I'm studying applied communications.

This trimester I have to make an essay for Philosophy. I'd like to do it
about bio-technology. More specificly, about identification (DNA
fingerprinting for crime, insurance issues, screening of large populations,

Now I wondered if maybe anybody had written about this subject. Maybe there
is some information on the net about it. Or someone has an article about
it. It doesn't matter what, I can use almost everything.

If you have something for me you can mail me
(j.m.dejong at or you can post it in this newsgroup.

Thanks already!

Jan Marten de Jong

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