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Mon Mar 17 17:10:57 EST 1997


         S P E C T R U M    C O M M U N I C A T I O N S  !!!

              5.9 CPM (cents per minute) LONG DISTANCE!!

                   BRAND NEW --- JUST ANNOUNCED!!

                            NO BLACK BOX NEEDED!!

               YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRE-PAY FOR LD!!
   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

     Tag-Team Email support in place ready to go!

=>  *  5.9 CPM LONG DISTANCE  -  24 hours every day

         *  Billed in 6 second increments

            *  NO black box required!  NO minimum usage!

               *  NO pre-payment on LD required

                  *  ONE TIME $50 to sign up

   *  Sponsor just 2 to recoup your $50 investment

      *  NO Minimum monthly purchase required

         *  Commissions paid WEEKLY, not monthly

            *  Phone cards available for your convenience

               *  Fantastic pay plan ===> $300/day and $1000/day


                              COMING SOON

   *  PrePaid Cellular

   *  Nationwide Internet Services

   *  Virtual Office Technology

   *  International Call Back Service

   *  TV Internet Devices (Web TV)

   *  Discount residential/business 800 numbers

   *  Satellite TV Equipment programming

   We've signed up folks EVERY DAY since we joined!  All our
   top leaders and heavy hitters are fully qualified and waiting for
   our next batch of NEW sign-ups to place people under.  You sign up
   with us ... and you'll have the BEST upline support you've ever
   dreamed of.  We have already given away over 100 people to our
   downline already ... you can be next!!

   From day one you'll qualify for group volume on all your levels
   down through INFINITY!!!

   We are co-op advertising to huge amounts of people. Once you
   respond to this email ... you will see why folks are flocking to us
   for the sharpest web pages and tag-team script email support.

   Folks, this blows away everything else out there! Spearheaded
   by an accomplished attorney and full staff with over 18 years
   of telecommunications experience and major carriers on board.

   Currently 3,000+ daily application processing ability about to
   triple in capability.  This offers all the security you could want
   with the best opportunity on the market!!!  There will be many
   multimillionaires created literally almost overnight with this

   You've seen the incredible explosion created over 7.9 LD, you
   can imagine how fast this will spread at only 5.9 with none of the


   Get details NOW and join before everyone else you know does!!!

   => We'll send you the Fast Fax on Demand giving you all the details
   => We'll send you the Phone number for a 3 minute introduction =>
   We'll send you the Company conference call info => We'll send you
   the info on OUR upline/downline conf calls => We'll show you how
   easy and fast YOUR web page can be up

   $$  Yes, we are already getting our commission checks!!
   $$  Yes, we already have our packets from the company

   HIT THE REPLY BUTTON and we'll immediately send out details so you
   can sign up FIRST and get in at the TOP WITH OUR GROUP!!

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