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                        TECH INFO-LETTER        
         A Subscription-Only PC Upgrade Update      

                         PC Shopping Planet 
                            March 15, 1997

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In this week's issue:

1.   Growing Popularity of Upgrade Kits
2.   Hot Deals

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Let's face it. If you want to run the latest operating system,
and the more functional applications, you really need a more
powerful computer.  But, even if you have a 286, 386 or 486,
and you've been thinking about purchasing a new PC, you really
should think again.  There may be considerable life left in
your current desktop friend.

We realize that many existing systems have little resale value.
However, there's often nothing wrong with the computer's case,
power supply, disk drives and peripherals.  So, do you really
want to buy a whole new system when you can have the same
performance at substantially less cost?

Begin with more memory.  That's almost always the best place
to start.  But what if they've stopped making your type of
memory chips or you need more memory than your current
system board will support?

Next, follow up with a faster CPU.  A fine idea.  But your
motherboard may not support today's advanced chip designs.

Okay, then.  Let's replace the motherboard.  It's surprisingly
easy.  A good motherboard will provide upgrade capabilities
for both today and tomorrow.  First, you may be able to reuse
the memory already installed in your current system.  Second,
you'll be able to take advantage of faster bus technologies.
Then, with additional slots, you'll be able to use more - or
different - expansion boards.  And, you'll also be able to
take advantage of MMX (Multi-Media Extension) technology.

So, whats the problem?
How about the memory, CPU and motherboard you purchased
at different times not working together?


A lot of people use the "mix and match" approach to upgrading.
Indeed, the hardware of most personal computer systems is
nothing more than an assemblage of standard, interchangeable

We have thousands of customers who have successfully used
the piecemeal approach.  They have the expertise to watch out
for the interaction of electronic components, chipset features,
bus speeds, operating codes, voltage regulation, and setup

But, that's them.  Do YOU know what to look out for... even
with our free unlimited technical support?


It's not just a question of quality.  There are important
differences in component design and architecture, even among
brand names.  Engineers (like ours) have tested various
combinations to come up with upgrades that work together...
and really work for you.


1.  The PC contains many vital components, and most of them
connect through the motherboard.

2.  By replacing the motherboard at the same time as the CPU,
you avoid compatibility problems.

3.  Motherboard Upgrade Kits can provide dramatic system
performance improvement equal - often surpassing off the shelf
computer systems.

4.  Kits are pre-assembled and pre-tested.  You are assured
that everything works together and you can avoid many
configuration problems.

5.  Our kits come with everything you need for installation:
CPU,  Motherboard,  Cooling Fan,  Heat Sink,  Cable Set,
Manuals, Anti-static Wristband,  Step-by-Step Installation
Guide,  1 year PC Shopping Planet Warranty,  Full Manufacturer
Warranties, and Free Unlimited Technical Support.

6.  Kits can save you money.  The total price for a kit is
often less than the combined price of each of the components.
PC Shopping Planet offers a number of Motherboard Upgrade Kits.
Take a look at our complete Upgrade Center at

For example, our most popular kits combine the dependable
M-Technology motherboard with Intel, Cyrix and AMD CPUs.
For example:

   Kit #4:  Cyrix P-166 (133 MHz) with M-Tech R534 - $345.50

   Kit #6:  Cyrix P-200 (150 MHz) with M-Tech R534 - $445.50

   Kit #10: AMD K5 PR-133 (133 Mhz) w/ M-Tech R534 - $255.00

   Kit #11: AMD K5 P-166 (166 Mhz) w/ Shuttle 557 - $335.00


You think you want better PC performance at half the cost
of a new system?
Then, think about a Motherboard Upgrade Kit.

        http://www.shoppingplanet.com      1-800-779-8461

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     These are today's prices.  As we immediately pass any
     price reductions on to our customers, please check our
     web site for the latest prices (in US dollars).


- AMD K5 PR-166 MHz______________________________$ 186.80
  The latest CPU released by AMD. It runs at 166MHz!!
  The BEST PERFORMANCE for an incredible LOW PRICE.

- M TECHNOLOGY R557 motherboard__________________$ 175.50
  Performing the latest Intel Chipset: 430 TX
  Great Performance!! 

- HEWLETT PACKARD C6020i Recordable CD ROM_______$ 465.80
  Make your personal CD's!!! Reads at 6X, writes a 2X.

- WESTERN DIGITAL AC34000 4GB____________________$ 377.70
  The new hard drive from WD. It holds up to 4000 MB in only 
  one drive and it is EIDE!!!

- DIAMOND MONSTER 3D_____________________________$ 225.00
  For your special 3D and Game needs.

- CREATIVE LABS SBS300 Sound Blaster Speakers____$  73.90
  3D Stereo Separate Controls 2 x 10W

- SOLAR Bare Bone System MID-133 Elite___________$ 445.30
  Intel Pentium 133MHz 256 Pipeline Cache Med Tower Case
  All you need to upgrade your old system (case, motherboard, 
  floppy drive, CPU, cooling fan and power supply) 
  Assembled and Tested.


- US Robotics Sportster Winmodem 14.4 internal___$  26.00
  A GREAT price for a modem

- US Robotics Sportster Winmodem 28.8 
  (free upgrade to 33.6 from US Robotics) internal,
   upgradeable to 56K____________________________$ 111.60
  (Price before $40 mail-in rebate from US Robotics)

- US Robotics Sportster 33.6, w/speakerphone & voicemail:
  (Upgradeable to 56K)
  external_______________________________________$ 176.20
  internal_______________________________________$ 160.19
  (Prices before $40 mail-in rebate from US Robotics)

- Magitronic 33.6 w/voicemail,PnP, internal______$  93.00


- 4 MB, 72 pin, 70 ns, non-parity________________$  24.00
- 8 MB, 72 pin, 70 ns, non-parity________________$  45.00
- 16 MB, 72 pin, 70 ns, non-parity_______________$  91.00
- 4 MB, 30 pin, 70 ns, parity____________________$  34.00


        P-200+___________________________________$ 240.10

- Intel Pentium 
	120 Mhz__________________________________$ 113.80
	133 Mhz__________________________________$ 145.00
	166 Mhz__________________________________$ 303.20
	166 Mhz MMX______________________________$ 415.80
	200 Mhz__________________________________$ 517.40
	200 Mhz MMX______________________________$ 617.90

- Cyrix
	P-150+___________________________________$ 115.00
	P-166+___________________________________$ 155.19

        PR-75 MHz________________________________$  40.50
        PR-100 MHz_______________________________$  81.80
        PR-120 MHz_______________________________$  94.20
        PR-133 MHz_______________________________$  98.30
        PR-166 MHz_______________________________$ 186.80


- Western Digital 
        1.6 Gb___________________________________$ 213.30
        2.1 Gb___________________________________$ 233.10
        3.1 Gb___________________________________$ 296.60
        4.0 Gb___________________________________$ 377.70


- HP Colorado T1000 internal_____________________$ 121.50

- HP COLORADO T3000 Internal 3.2 Gb______________$ 187.00

- Iomega Jaz 1 Gb internal_______________________$ 364.90

- Seagate TapeStore 800 internal,800 MB tape_____$ 108.60

- Iomega Zip 100mb internal SCSI_________________$ 193.80

- Iomega Zip 100mb external SCSI_________________$ 196.00


- DIAMOND 3D 2000, 
                   2 MB EDO______________________$  99.90
                   4 MB EDO______________________$ 132.30

- DIAMOND 3D 3000, 
                   2 MB VRAM_____________________$ 162.50
                   4 MB VRAM_____________________$ 219.60

- MATROX Millennium 2 Mb WRAM PCI________________$ 182.30

- CREATIVE LABS 3D Blaster, PCI, 4 MB EDO________$ 199.90


- Digiview, 15", 0.28 mm, digital control________$ 284.90

- Digiview, 17", 0.25 mm, on screen control______$ 725.00

- Viewsonic Optiquest 1769 DC, 17" 0.28 mm, 
  digital control________________________________$ 518.00


- CTX Desktop Cyrix P166+(133MHz) 16 Mb memory, 1.6 Gb EIDE 
  hard drive, 8X CD-ROM, 33.6 modem/fax, 16 bit sound card 
  (refurbished) 90 day warranty__________________$ 999.00

- CTX Desktop Pentium 120 MHz 16 Mb memory, 1.2 Gb EIDE 
  hard drive, 8X CD-ROM, 33.6 modem/fax, 16 bit sound card 
  (refurbished) 90 day warranty__________________$ 897.00


- US Robotics BigPicture Video Kit_______________$ 365.10
  Digital Camera, Video Card, Modem, Software and much more.

- Diamond 12X CD-ROM Multimedia Kit______________$ 336.10
  (12X CD-ROM, 16-bit PnP, Wavetable, 9 titles, speakers)
  Titles Included: Myst, Magic Carpet, Compton's Interctive 
  Encyclopedia '96, Comix Zone, Corel Draw Virtua Fighter.

- Creative Labs SoundBlaster 8X Multimedia Kit___$ 290.60
  (8X CD-Rom, SoundBlaster 32bit,speakers,and 
   11 software titles)

- GoldStar 16X CD ROM (up to 2.4 Mb/sec)_________$ 169.00

- Mitsumi 8X CD-Rom (1200 Kbps tranfer rate)_____$ 105.60

- NEC 6X4 (holds up to 4 CD ROMs! runs at 6X!)___$ 104.50

- SoundBlaster AWE64 IDE PnP PC__________________$ 175.80

          Please visit our site for our complete catalog
                       and company information.


                  Or give us a call at 1-800-779-8461

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