luminescence systems

Jim Kling jkling at
Thu Mar 20 10:18:59 EST 1997

Hi all-

I'm writing an article for The Scientist ( on 
bioluminescence and chemiluminesce systems.  The article will be a 
general review of products and research uses.  I'd like to get 
responses from those of you who work with these systems.  Please 
respond to jkling at (or call 360.714.1850).

Do you have a sense for which is the most popular reporter
enzyme/substrate system (ie, alkaline phosphatase, horseradish 
peroxidase, et al)?

Are any of the systems more or less sensitive than the others?  Is
there a difference in cost (assuming the same setup, is HRP more or 
less expensive than AP, for instance)?

Are some enz/sub systems used with specific kinds of assays -- or is
it mostly a matter of personal preference?

What kind of trends have you seen in luminescence products/research
recently?  Have one or a few systems become popular or faded away?  Do
you see any particular system becoming a dominant player in the

Anything else you can think of that would be important for me to

Jim Kling
science/medical writing
Bellingham, WA 
jkling at

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