Cloning Humans

Ralph Gainey sesame at MCN.ORG
Mon Mar 24 14:22:19 EST 1997

On the problems attendant to cloning humans...

[Timothy Sutter]  But what difference, you clone ten 
>:thousand "<insert name here>" and these clones each have 
>:two children with ten thousand regular people.
>: You have not really lowered the gene pool any more than 
>:if this person had had ten thousand children.

[William Tivol] Ah, like Wilt Chamberlain ;-).

If sports teams decided to make the investment, and wait for the results...
amateur sports would lose all meaning.

It has not been shown that generosity, compassion, understanding,
forgiveness, patience, and other desirable traits in humans are amenable
to genetic transmission...would that it were...would that it were...

Ralph Gainey

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