question on cloning

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Mon Mar 24 23:33:51 EST 1997

Humphreys wrote:
>  If we do develop the technology to clone humans, could
> diseases that are not hereditary be passed to the clone?

No. A genetic _predispostition_ to disease would be passed on, though.

> From what I
> understand, the clone and the person the genetic material was taken
> from would be more similar than identicle twins.

Less, actually.
...(unless the enucleated cell used to accept the clone's nucleus came
from the person being cloned - in which case they would be *exactly* the
same as identical twins, genetically. But they'd have a different

> Obviously, diseases
> such as diabetes could be passed on, but I wonder about ones that
> aren't hereditary.

What diseases do you have in mind?


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